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My grass is dying as am I thought and felt t

My grass is dying as am I thought and felt t


My township calls my lawn 'a nuisance.' But I still refuse to mow it.

Our ...

My dinner, dress, associates, looks, compliments, dues,

At Josh's gravesite, May 27, 2018 — one day before his 28th birthday.


( Leaves of Grass (1891–1892)) - The Walt Whitman Archive

( Leaves of Grass (1891–1892)) - The Walt Whitman Archive

Steep'd amid honey'd morphine, my windpipe throttled in fakes of death,

How to turn lawn into a new flower bed

( Leaves of Grass (1891–1892)) - The Walt Whitman Archive

When Do You Give Up on. Treating a Child With Cancer?

dog pet canine eat grass human animal bond illness sick stomach upset

David Sauvage: 'It's very weird to have this experience in someone else's body.' Photograph: Caroll Taveras for the Guardian


( Leaves of Grass (1891–1892)) - The Walt Whitman Archive

Why Some People in the Afterlife Don't Know They're Dead -- Swedenborg and Life - YouTube

( Leaves of Grass (1891–1892)) - The Walt Whitman Archive

Normal to feel presence of the dead

Experiencing suicidal thoughts

Heartfelt Funeral Poems Irish Blessing

Ram Dass Quotes

( Leaves of Grass (1891–1892)) - The Walt Whitman Archive

There is a road, no simple highway, between the dawn and the dark of night.

The popular ebook, now on Medium, complete and uncensored.

The smell we associate with freshly cut grass is actually a chemical distress call. What

"The thing that I felt guilty about at the beginning was he had suffered from anxiety and depression, on and off, throughout his adult life and I hadn't.

8 German words that are impossible to translate into English. The Local

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The Chamber of Commerce in Orange City, Iowa. The town was founded by immigrants from Holland, and, until recently, almost everyone who lived there was ...

I became isolated from family and friends and dreaded visitors to my home in case they

( Leaves of Grass (1891–1892)) - The Walt Whitman Archive

Do you think that's because you're more emotionally engaged in the moment? Or is it tied into the fact that you'd like to be sharing that moment with ...

New Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy

Dairy farming is dying. After 40 years, I'm done.

The people who can't feel pain: Scientists discover cause of rare inherited condition that turns off pain sensors

What Do Dreams About Rattlesnakes and Other Snakes Mean?

Jacey Chalmers, whose father died from a heroin overdose, lives with her grandmother, in Martinsburg. Down the street is a couple with five adopted children ...

Now, for better or worse, I was reinvigorated by some good play in Nova Scotia. It became clear on my 17-hour drive home: I needed another shot.

Do you know the signs of heat stress?

Paralysis in Cats

Published Works

We have assembled the ultimate collection of the most beautiful funeral poems to help you celebrate the life and legacy of a loved one who has passed away.

Vegetarian and vegan diets can't offer the same nutrients as this grilled meat.

If birth is a manifestation of life, death is another. ~ Dejan Stojanovic

Photo Cred: Brandon Slyke

All dead! I sprayed this multiple times with roundup last summer and it kept coming back. So this will be the true test to see ho great this weed killer is.

Al Purdy letter

So today's post is going to get straight to the point. If you take nothing else, just remember: grief doesn't just manifest as emotional symptoms, ...

Why Some People Can't Handle Their Weed

All about my mother: 'It's amazing what the living expect of the dying'

I was not on the roof to jump. I was not there to kill myself. I was there to die, but dying was not a plan. I was not making decisions, choices, ...

7 Common Spiritual Dream Meanings

The traditional attitude of Judaism was not to encourage excessive grave visitation. The rabbis were apprehensive that frequent visiting to the cemetery ...

( Leaves of Grass (1891–1892)) - The Walt Whitman Archive

3) "If you don't check the grass for snakes it's hard to complain about being bitten."

If I notice that people are not satisfied with me I think directly that this is not my home, I'm not at home here. Here you will always feel foreign.

Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a veterinarian, just an animal owner & lover sharing my opinions and experiences. Any advice on caring for animals or diagnosing ...

Have you ever wanted a giant list of clichés to avoid (or use) in your writing?

Does your puppy seem to eat everything – grass, dirt, sticks, rocks?

Funeral Poems from the Bible

From the moment she left, I missed her more than anything. I regret every day that we didn't work on the problems in our marriage. We could've easily fixed ...

Glitter in the sky

Art by Angelica Alzona.

The Kiss by Auguste Rodin. Photograph: Christophel Fine Art/UIG via Getty Images

Rich Californians balk at limits: 'We're not all equal when it comes to water' - The Washington Post

Do you dare enter a fairy ring? The mythical mushroom portals of the supernatural | Ancient Origins

The Mailander House, built in 1910, has three bedrooms, 1.5 baths and doors

My garden – I have to wear a HEPA filter mask when gardening – but don't have the energy anyway!


10 of the best words in the world (that don't translate into English) | World news | The Guardian

I never want to finish Red Dead Redemption 2

Is vaping the most powerful psychedelic in the world a good idea? Only one way to find out.

I Made Every Mistake Before My Latest Half Marathon—and It Wasn't a Total Disaster

No-see-um, 70 times life size. (Illustration by Lynn Kimsey)

Life is worth Living Through every grain of it, From the foundations. To the last edge. Of the cornerstone, death. ~ William Ernest Henley

I think of the map and I feel it, this being-ness of which I am a part.

Spirit Animal Totems

Beyond the Chokehold: The Path to Eric Garner's Death - The New York Times

The most direct way of recovering your drive is to choose where you want to focus the most.

The cover of the magazine's post-election issue, had Clinton won. “I felt that I had let everyone down,” she recalls. “Because I had.”

The Long Ride What We've Got Diamond in the Rough Eden The Guitar Case Learning How to Love Him Brand New Start Late Summer's Child The Good Guys

Photographer Alex Thompson's tribute to Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World (1948), taken in 2005

I feel like everyone is more succesful than me

By the time I got to the end of the page, I felt better (but it was time to wake up so I didn't go to sleep):

Backyard chickens: 20 common signs of illness in backyard chickens

Who's Billie Eilish?

If you want to save the world, veganism isn't the answer



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